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Mama Bird Feeds Graze
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Flagstaff, AZ, USA


Mama Bird Feeds is a unique platter and grazing table service in Flagstaff, AZ. We pride ourselves in supporting local farms and artisans in order to create culinary masterpieces specifically designed for each individual event. We cater any function from the smallest intimate gathering to the largest luscious affair and everything in between.

Our tables and platters are literally bursting with locally sourced produce, fine cheeses, sustainable meats, homemade vegan dips and spreads, olives, pickled vegetables, assorted gluten free breads and crackers, fresh organic fruit, spiced nuts, artisanal chocolate and more.


Grazing is the perfect way to bring people together. Unlike formal sit down dinners, grazing allows guests to move around choosing to eat small amounts of different foods at various times. It fosters the ideal atmosphere for socializing. The table itself creates a buzz. People who have never met before tend to strike up a conversation as they graze. Guests of all dietary preferences can graze together which allows ease and comfort for them and for the host.

Prices include table rental, linens, delivery, set up, break down and cleanup. We will even pack up your leftovers upon request.


Graze boxes and platters come in three sizes and, depending on the type and size, contain an assortment of:

  • Fresh crudités & dips
  • Cheeses & charcuterie
  • Olives & roasted marinated veggies
  • Roasted spiced nuts & crackers
  • Fresh fruit, coconut cream & dark chocolate bark
  • Local honey, honeycomb & jam
  • Baked goods & sweet treats



Using the highest quality, fresh, organic ingredients is our top priority. We source our ingredients locally, first. We love to support local growers as much as possible. Sourcing locally also contributes to the uniqueness of each graze. All of our dips, nuts, and sweet treats are made from scratch using only whole food ingredients. Dips take our grazes to the next level. They are all naturally gluten free and vegan.


At Mama Bird Feeds we believe that just a little bit of sweetness goes a long way. We use only whole food ingredients, natural sweeteners and coloring derived from fruits & vegetables. All of our sweet treats are gluten free, mostly grain free, and always dairy free. We use local organic eggs in some of our baked goods but also have a large variety of vegan sweets to choose from.

Our sweet treats can be added to any size grazing table. We also customize sweet boards & boxes. Pricing varies.

Special order cakes available


Welcome to Mama Bird Feeds. For over 15 years, I have cooked for people on special diets using fresh, local, organic ingredients. I believe that following a special diet shouldn’t feel like a punishment. With just a few tweaks, any dietary restriction can be accommodated. It fills my heart with joy when I see eyes light up and taste buds come alive while people graze at one of my events. It’s quite an accomplishment for me to watch restricted eaters enjoy themselves without the fear of being singled out or having to ask about ingredients.

I am also extremely passionate about showcasing local growers in order to support a strong sustainable community in Northern Arizona. I love to connect people to the food they’re eating by letting them know who grew, harvested, and made the foods they’re enjoying. I truly believe that we can lower our negative impact on this planet without sacrificing flavor, taste and visual appeal. In fact, I have gone to great lengths to do quite the opposite.

Mama Bird Feeds Graze 2 years ago
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Mama Bird Feeds Mid Graze 2 years ago
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Mama Bird Feeds Large Graze 2 years ago
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Mama Bird Feeds Mama Mia 2 years ago
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Mama Bird Feeds Blueberry Lavender Cake 2 years ago
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Mama Bird Feeds Carrot Cake 2 years ago
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