Wednesday, March 11, 2015 marks the Grand Opening of LOCAL JUICERY, Sedona’s long awaited 100% organic juice bar and prepared food eatery – the love child of Summer and Mike Sanders. LOCAL JUICERY is located in Dry Creek Plaza on W State Route 89A, conveniently next door to Sedona Hot Yoga. For the past week, LOCAL JUICERY has had a “soft opening” and has been serving organic (often local) cold-pressed juice, smoothies, tonics, coffee (including cold brewed and Bulletproof® butter coffee), tea, herbal elixirs, plus salads, soups, simple toasts, acai and pitaya bowls, oatmeal bowls, raw and vegan entrees, and delicious vegan (as well as raw) treats, and chocolates. They will be offering a wide range of menu options going forward, based on the season and chef Summer’s choices. In addition to high vibration food offerings, LOCAL JUICERY has a retail marketplace featuring products hand chosen by Summer – including Sedona’s own Lulu’s Chocolate, Jiva Apoha Oils, Magic Carpet Yoga Mats, Philosophie Superfoods, Spiritual Gangster Clothing, Purely Elizabeth’s Granola and a few other surprises. Stop by tomorrow to celebrate the official grand opening and try some of their free samples!

Summer Sanders quote
The storefront location is open Monday through Saturday from 8am – 5pm and Sunday from 10am – 1pm. LOCAL will be offering catering services, and home delivery of meals and cleanses, as well. Summer will also do a limited number of private chef services for events.


LOCAL JUICERY's cold-pressed juices



This fully functioning juice bar and kitchen has food, juices, smoothies, treats and cleanses to purchase when you walk in the door – no more pre-ordering two days in advance, as they were operating for a few months before opening their storefront. The new LOCAL space has a cozy little spot for hanging out, a bar to lounge at, as well as retail and superfoods to check out in their shop. You can also book ahead for a cleanse, and they deliver or ship via their website at

Summer and Mike used all reclaimed pallet wood for LOCAL’s walls and benches, their pillows were hand made by a good friend and designer Lyrica Tyree. The shop is simple, but care and lots of hard work was put into every aspect.

Summer’s main intention with LOCAL is to provide 100% organic, healthy, delicious and fresh food to Sedona and beyond. Her food is made with love and full of life. She shares, “I have found that by feeding your body the right food, you can clear your mind and change your life. I hope to help educate, inspire and assist people in becoming the best version of themselves. Our intention is to help people unlock the key to their health; to provide information, inspiration and build community.”


Chef Summer Sanders in the kitchen



The seed for LOCAL has been living in Summer since she was a little one. Now 29 years old, her dream growing up was to open a place called “The Lost Avocado”. She still has the floor plans she drew up when she was only 10 years old.

Summer’s mother Charity Cygal (a Sedona resident for many years and owner of the Red Earth Waldorf Kindergarten + Preschool) has been a health food lover since her twenties, and while being raised by Charity and exposed to her and all her friends juicing, doing cleanses and observing their health, it was almost inevitable that Summer would follow a similarly inspired path.

When Summer and Mike took a trip to Northern California about 2 years ago, Summer felt something shift inside of her. She felt the manifestation stage ending and something concrete coming into play. It was then she knew that LOCAL would come into being.


Summer and Mike Sanders



High school sweethearts, Mike and Summer met when they were both just 15 years old. Summer fell in love with Mike for the first time when she got a glimpse of who he truly was. We all remember peer pressure and the desire to be accepted – to be one of the “cool” kids – when we were in high school. Summer got to see beneath Mike’s social veneer through shared experiences in both vulnerable and fun times, and this was what opened her heart to him. Since then, she divulges, “I’ve fallen in love with him over and over again.”


LOCAL JUICERY Chef and Co-Owner Summer Sanders



Raised in Sedona, Summer left for Hollywood to attend a music academy right out of high school. This is where she got a lot of her social media and marketing skills. Afterwards, she moved to San Francisco and attended a Paul Mitchell Cosmetology school where she got a full-on immersion education on giving clients an amazing experience, “showing up” and marketing. She returned to Los Angeles upon graduation to work for raw food guru Matthew Kenney as an Instructor at “Matthew Kenney Culinary“. Matthew had been a huge inspiration to Summer and it was thrilling for her to work for him and his team.

Mike and Summer were married four years ago and once she conceived their son Henry they moved to Encinitas, a very cool little beach town about 45 minutes north of San Diego. Just a couple of years later, they made the move back to Sedona to be near family and open LOCAL. With the unwavering support of her family and her husband by her side, Summer rolled up her sleeves and put her industrious Capricorn nature to work.


LOCAL JUICERY sprouted almond mylks



When Summer and Mike opened a pop-up shop at Urban Gypsies on September 5, 2014, they sold out within an hour. To meet local demand, Summer then started offering juices and other items for pick-up and delivery. Plans for LOCAL’s physical build out manifested quickly and soon after Thanksgiving she stopped producing in order to focus on the business end of launching her storefront. Now, 7 months later, LOCAL has arrived!

When asked how she chose the store location, Summer says, “I’ve had my eye on the spot for a long time. When Jen opened the Hot Yoga studio I would comment every time I went to hot yoga that there should be a juice bar in there! I chose it because the vibes were good, the neighbors are supportive and awesome and the owner of the building is a sweetheart who feels like a family member to me. All these things made it the right spot for good energy and what I envision!”


Colorful cold-pressed juices



What sets LOCAL’s juices apart from other juice bars and home-made juices is that they are cold pressed — made with a cold-press juicer that respects and save the enzymes and nutrients in the produce. LOCAL’s juices are pressed each morning and bottled on site. They do not use high pressure processing (HPP) – a no-no in the juicing world – and they press in small batches to insure freshness. Summer explained that fruits and vegetables hold the nutrients close to the fiber, so when you use a standard juicer, you’re just skimming the surface of nutrients.

Summer says that another downside of standard juicers is that the enzymes become inactive after only 15 minutes, and they rapidly decrease after juicing. The enzymes in a cold-press juice are alive and kicking for approximately 72 hours after pressing. You can buy any juice from LOCAL and as long as you keep it sealed until you’re ready to drink it, the nutrients will be high vibe and living for 3 days from the press date (printed on the bottle).

Summer advises that no matter where or how juice is made, it’s highly important to use only organic and well washed produce because juice goes right into your bloodstream. “You don’t want a shot of pesticides, you want a shot of vibrant healthy minerals, enzymes and life-force nutrients!”


Organic beets



Food preparation, cleanliness and quality control are issues close to Summer’s heart — of the highest importance to her as both a consumer and as a chef. Her goal is to create recipes that are wonderfully tasty, easy to digest and ultimately healing. To that end, she says she employs the following procedures at LOCAL:

  • We wash all our produce with food grade hydrogen peroxide.
  • We wash all our nuts, seeds and grains with food grade hydrogen peroxide and soak them for appropriate timeframes to release any enzyme inhibitors that may be present.
  • We make everything with love! This is for real: It’s in our training manuals, our training courses and in the LOCAL JUICERY’s core values, and of course, we consider this in our hiring of our staff. You can taste and feel the difference in food and juices that are made with good vibes and loving intentions.
  • We use only high quality organic foods.
  • We use only gluten free products.


Summer and Henry




We at Conscious Sedona are so impressed by what Summer has created with LOCAL that we wanted to dive a little deeper into her world to find out how she managed to create such an incredible first business while juggling motherhood and marriage:

CONSCIOUS SEDONA (CS): Hi Summer, thank you for sitting down with us and giving us a peek into your personal world. Can you share what your chef background is?

Chef Summer in the kitchen SUMMER SANDERS (SS): Well, there are lots of different things that make up a chef, I like to say my cheffing background is life! Doing makeup, being an artist, being a musician, traveling, being a mama, a wife… all these things add to my personal slant on food and recipe development. But, my formal training as a chef was with Matthew Kenney at Matthew Kenney Culinary. I was blessed to train there and teach there. Matthews slogan is “crafting the future of food” and that man sure lives up to it! I’m a certified raw food chef but dabble in all different types of cuisines. My husband eats a more Paleo style diet, so I have been trying to get a bit more friendly with that realm of food preparation.

CS: Who else is involved in creating LOCAL JUICERY?

SS: I am incredibly blessed with a team that gets what LOCAL is all about and who actively lives the lifestyle. I had over 100 applicants apply and it was truly inspiring to feel all the people who stand behind and energetically support this venture. My General Manger is Sabrina Landers, Spirit sent me her. Literally! I’ve asked many times for someone like her to work with, It’s an honor to have her with us. She is a gifted woman in many areas, keep your eye on her!

Mike and Summer with family My husband is my equal in the business. Mike is an Officer in the Navy and though he may not admit it, he is an exceptional leader. He amazes me on the daily with his organization skills. Mike and I fill in each others gaps wonderfully. They say not to go into business with your husband/wife, but honestly this whole experience has shown me parts of Mike I don’t get to see often. It’s challenging, yes, but at the end of the day, we respect and love each other and that’s what we make our priority.

Our parents have been supporters of what we are doing and are all very happy to have us back in Sedona, I would say their main involvement has been giving love and time to Henry (our son) while we have had to put in late hours.

Summer with son Henry

CS: How do you juggle being a young mom with being a full time business owner?

SS: Henry is the reason LOCAL is alive. He has inspired me in so many ways to take action and live the life of my dreams. This is it! I’m in bliss! Henry was born at home early in the morning September 30, 2013. Best day of my life. I’m forever thankful. Motherhood is a constant lesson. It’s all about slowing down, really connecting, forgiving yourself — forgiving everyone. Seeing the purity in my son’s eyes helps me to see the purity in us all. Motherhood is the best.

I have an amazing support system; I have my mom Charity Cygal who is a Waldorf Educator and owns the Red Earth Waldorf Kindergarten, I have Mike’s mom Deb Sanders who has been in the local school district for over 25 years, I have my dad who is an organic farmer, I have Mike’s dad Pete Sanders, the owner of Free Soul. I’ve also got great mama friends all around me, and just great friends in general. I am blessed! Everyone has been supportive and helpful. The community has been waiting for something like LOCAL for a while now, and so many people have stepped in to help.


Summer's personal diet is plant-focused

CS: You are the picture of health – clear, glowing skin, bright eyes, vibrant spirit! What does your personal diet look like – is it very similar to what is offered at LOCAL JUICERY?

SS: Yes, my diet is very similar to LOCAL food offerings. I created the menu based off of what has healed and fueled my body. I do, however, believe that everyone is different and, therefore, should listen to their body’s personal needs. However, a plant strong diet that is all organic is amazing for everyone! Juices have so many high quality nutrients, it’s like a vitamin shot of life right to your blood stream! I have a juice 2 to 3 times a day. Our Detox Greens is based off of the daily green juice I make for my family.


Lunch bowl

CS: What does a typical day’s menu look like for you at home?

SS: I start with greens, then usually have some steamed broccoli with avocado, hemp seeds and sometimes pasture raised organic eggs. I then do a bowl of some kind for lunch, much like our Buddha bowl. I drink a ton of water, usually have a smoothie daily (our Tropics is my go-to smoothie!). Dinner changes all the time. Right now I’m really into soups! I love blended soups. Very easy to digest and super filled with nutrition. For dessert I make a vegan ice-cream — 1 cup of berries, 1 tablespoon almond butter, 1 tablespoon coconut oil, 1 packet of stevia, a pinch of salt, and vanilla to taste. Blend with a tiny bit of our classic almond mylk and you have perfection!



CS: So you know what my next question has to be… what are your favorite items at LOCAL?

SS: That’s a cruel question! HA! I created the menu so each item is like a child to me and I love them all. The Fit + Green smoothie and the Tropics smoothie are my two all time favorites! My favorite juice is the Skinny Greens, it has a bit of spice to it from the jalapèno. I also love our date truffles and banana bread…our salads and Thai-inspired dishes are my favorites for a more filling meal… I could go on!



CS: Aside from eating super healthy, what other practices do you do to stay healthy?

SS: I’m a student of A Course in Miracles. This alone has saved me in so many different ways. I stay active with my little one, I’m always moving! I sweat once a day, and I forgive myself regularly.

CS: What are your top sacred spots in Sedona?

SS: The canyon is my favorite part of Sedona, there is something magical going on there, the creek… Munds. It’s pretty special. I love the hikes that are right behind my house. Sugarloaf is a great 3 mile walk. I enjoy driving back to the Enchantment Resort area and just letting Henry run on the trails there. West Fork is a favorite. I also love going to the Page Springs Winery.

CS: Do you have any favorite places in town?

SS: Indian Gardens is my favorite! I also enjoy ChocolaTree, Lulu’s Chocolate Lounge, Urban Gypsies, Hot Yoga, Seven Centers Yoga, Magnolia Conway (skin care professional), Rinzai’s and Crystal Magic. Plenty more I’m not thinking of at this moment! Forgive me.   Henry, Summer and Mike


CS: What inspires you, in general?

SS: Art. People. Emotion. My son… Kindness, compassion, people who are patient and empathic with the unfolding of others emotions and turmoils.

CS: What would be your advice to other local visionaries who are at the beginning of the process of bringing an idea to physical fruition?

SS: Be consistent. Follow through with the things that you would rather not do. Be diligent. Ask for help where you fall short. Be prepared to feel like shit! Be prepared to think you can’t, be prepared to be led down a path that is different than the one on the map. Be open, move with the flow of things… Be patient, be strong. Listen to your instincts, start small. GROW BECAUSE YOU HAVE TO!

CS: Thank you so much for your time, Summer, and congratulations on the opening of LOCAL! You have brought an invaluable life-enhancing resource to the Sedona community and we are all extremely excited and grateful.

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